How NOT TO STUDY Academic Vocabulary

If you have ever tried to study Academic Vocabulary by yourself, I’m willing to bet you, you haven’t had much success. I’m also pretty sure many fellow students, as well as professional teachers, have  tried to tell you how to study Academic Vocabulary. Trouble is, nobody ever told you WHAT NOT TO DO.  Have no fear, that’s why I’m here. (The rhyme is just a bonus.) First of all, there is no “quick fix”; it’s important to understand that ...

Academic Vocabulary Masterclass

What is the Academic Vocabulary Masterclass? Our Academic Vocabulary Masterclass is an offline group  course that focuses on the Academic English Vocabulary, Reading and Writing. In our sessions, we use highly effective Academic English learning resources. These resources, combined with the instructor’s extensive experience in teaching Academic English and TOEFL preparation, have helped hundreds of past test takers ace their Academic ...

Academic Vocabulary and TOEFL

In my many years of designing and teaching TOEFL preparation courses, I found that there is one underlying skill that all my high-scoring students had in common – strong Academic Vocabulary. Every section of the TOEFL test depends on it, directly or indirectly. Academic Vocabulary and TOEFL Reading In the Reading section, you actually have to answer a number of questions directly related to vocabulary. You need to pick synonyms for particular words, in the given ...


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